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Post-Storm Tree Care and Recovery for Residents

After Storm Clean Up

Charlottesville Stump Grinding and Tree Works LLC offers many services to personalize to your needs, one of these services is our Storm Cleanup and Debris removal. With storms being more violent and causing more destruction each year, the mess after their wake can be overwhelming. This is where we step in. We can clear out all debris quickly and with out any damage to the property!

Tips for assessing when a tree can be saved and when it’s a lost cause:

Small broken branches or bits of torn bark: The tree should be fine in the long run.

One major branch is gone from a mature tree: This is survivable.

More than one major branch is gone: This could be a borderline case. Give it a little time before making a decision — and consult the help of a professional.

The trunk is split or more than 50 percent of the crown is gone: Alas, there is no hope.

The only part of the tree left is the trunk. Again, it’s a goner.

If you have questions about storm damage cleanup in or around Charlottesville, Virginia, we are here to help!

Service for tree damage should be handled by a professional, and we will do everything we can to help preserve your trees.


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Charlottesville Stump Grinding and Tree Works, LLC is a tree and stump removal contractor based out of Charlottesville, VA.. If you have a problem with a stump in your yard, you can count on Charlottesville Stump Grinding and Tree Works to provide a solution.


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