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Stump Grinding

Have a stump on your property that's a major eye soar? Or just in need to make room for other outdoor projects? Our stump grinding team has the solution for you. Traditional methods of stump removal required the use of heavy tools and equipment causing unsightly damage to your property.

Stump Removal

Nowadays, stump grinding provides a straightforward and less abrasive stump removal process than traditional stump removal. This will benefit you resulting in great cost savings and eliminating the unwanted damage to your lawn.

After grinding stumps below the surface, we can enhance the area by simply adding topsoil and planting grass. If you're replanting a tree, we suggest moving a good distance away from the former stump area to ensure proper root growth.

As an added bonus, stump grinding creates mulch that you can then use around your yard in flowerbeds, gardens and around trees.


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Charlottesville Stump Grinding and Tree Works, LLC is a tree and stump removal contractor based out of Charlottesville, VA.. If you have a problem with a stump in your yard, you can count on Charlottesville Stump Grinding and Tree Works to provide a solution.


Charlottesville, VA


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